Wednesday, April 4, 2012 hurts my shoulder to pat myself so heartily on the back, but I must.  After all the confusing, conflicting, generally scary insight and advise I subjected myself to, I'm entitled to a bit of self-congratulations because I successfully uploaded Troubleshooter to Kindle yesterday without going completely nuts or pulling out the last hair on my fevered head.

I also learned some truths that I was previously confused about, like: Word (.doc) files will upload cleanly to Kindle without manually converting to html files assuming your document is properly formatted in Word in the first place - this means, no headers or footers, hard page breaks at the end of every chapter, and no tabs for first line indents - take no sloppy shortcuts and set up everything in Word paragraph formatting.  Italics do transfer just fine.  The only real obstacle was me...and I got around that!

Amazon will make it available, soon.

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