Saturday, September 29, 2012

The road to La Push followed the Quillayute River west from Forks, crossing the fast-moving water’s cold and snakelike path several times through hills forested with both old and new growth, red cedar and fir, cottonwoods along the riverbank.  They passed a well-kept campground resort with a large sign out front proclaiming they were crossing the Treaty Line, beyond which vampires were not allowed. 
Twilighters,” Chief Ellis said, explaining the sign.  “Those Stephanie Meyer novels and movies about vampires and werewolves and high school kids all take place around Forks.  Ever read ‘em?”
“I’m afraid not,” Hoot answered, giving a moment’s reflection to Maddie and her Romance novels.  Maddie would know about the Forks/Twilight connection.
I’ve read em.  In fact, I’d wager just about everybody ‘round here who can read has read em.  Goofy, sexy stories.  The tourism from it is a big deal around Forks.  People here were kinda desperate t’ grab onto something after the logging died out.  A one-stoplight town – and did you know our high school is brand new?  Mostly built with online enrollment money.  Students from all over wanna graduate from Forks High…”

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