Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wise Grey Owl Reviews Troubleshooter

Ian Miller 01/09/2012 03:47

Very Good Story, Well Written, Recommend, Well Edited

The book is described as a thriller, but for me it is really an updated western. It starts with Ezra Hooten (Hoot), a US Marshall bringing in a "bad person" who has shot another Marshall. The end of this scene is right out of Hollywood; not very sensible, it eventually defies the laws of physics, but it is fun. Let me plot a little of the book out as a western script, with what happens that is not strictly speaking western in Troubleshooter in brackets. There is a town that obviously is short of law and order (Spokane) with a big bad boss controlling his range (nude dancing) through his gunman (hitman), Norman, a Sioux with a passion for scalping. Liz brings Angela to town (and introduces her to lesbian sex, nude dancing, whereupon Angela uses sexual titillation to earn pieces of paper up to the size of a Benjamin Franklin from those in the saloon). One scalping comes to the attention of Hoot, who (drives) into town. With various comings and goings, and not a little naked Angela, Hoot eventually finds Norman. An inconclusive ending, more hunting, then a finale. Interspersed is a lot of back-story that comes in tiny scenes.

The book is very easy to read, the pages turn and it has an ending you probably will not see coming. I found the frequency of the time-jumping a little disconcerting, but as the past becomes filled in, a somewhat bigger story emerges. I enjoyed reading it, although perhaps I should add a caveat: I like old-fashioned western movies.

Ian Miller, author of Troubles and Puppeteer.

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