Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hoot Scores!
Announcing; Troubleshooter has advanced to the quarter-final round in the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition. 
Troubleshooter made the quarter-final cut from a field limited to 10,000 total entries to be one of 100 competing in Mystery and Suspense based on reviews of the novel's opening and a quick pitch.  The semi-final phase of competition is based on reviews of the full manuscript - Go Hoot!
From one of Troubleshooter's ABNA quarter-final reviews:
Amazon Expert Reviewer.  What is the strongest aspect of this excerpt?
This is a very descriptive, very character driven excerpt. The details are rich, putting the reader right there "deep into the rainy backside of hell" with Deputy Hooten. Deputy Hooten is a likeable character, flawed but very real. He is a good protagonist and he quickly earned both my sympathy and my support. He is definitely the strongest aspect of this excerpt.
What is your overall opinion of this excerpt?
Overall, I really liked this excerpt. I absolutely *love* the plot of this book. I enjoy books that allow me to get inside the characters' heads and browse around, and this excerpt has done just that. The author has allowed me into Hoot's head (as well as Norman's head, although I didn't get to read quite enough of his situation yet...) and let me wander around. I had fun being there, reading their thoughts and seeing what makes them tick. This is a well written excerpt and I believe I would enjoy this book.
Thank you to Amazon for this opportunity!

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