Thursday, February 26, 2015

The new Ezra Hooten crime thriller, Skyshooter, is now available at in print and Kindle versions for eager readers, and will be available in select independent bookstores after Crimelandia - Left Coast Crime 2015.
Troubleshooter ended with Deputy US Marshal Ezra (Hooten seriously wounded, but relieved that his lifelong nemesis was dead at last. 
In Skyshooter: Not one to take forced early retirement too seriously, Hoot has taken a job with the TSA as an undercover air marshal…just his bad luck that he’d become the first air marshal ever to shoot an assassin on a commercial airliner in flight. Skyshooter finds Hoot in the arms of a cold-blooded killer while simultaneously stuck in the middle of a high-stakes smuggling game with terrorists intent on sneaking a dirty bomb onto American soil. This is serious business, not exactly the stopgap job that he’d expected, and Hoot doesn’t know if he’s up to it; but he has no choice – the smugglers have taken his grandson hostage…
I sincerely hope that fans of Troubleshooter will enjoy the latest from Hoot!

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